Take your pool pump off grid

Pool owners are aware of how much energy pool pumps require. It takes more than 5,000 KWh per year to operate most standard pool pumps, financially affecting energy bills. Switching to solar-powered pool pump systems harnesses the sun’s power for free pool pump operation. It reduces long-term costs associated with keeping your pool clean and well-circulated.

Likewise, homeowners can use solar-powered pool pumps for water features, such as ponds, waterfalls, bubblers, and fountains.

solar pool pump installation in Plumstead
The great South African sun!

Using our great South African sun to help convert some of our energy drainers in our home to use solar, just make complete sense!

You can install a ‘pool pump’ and dedicate 2-6 solar panels to power it. The solar panels are wired directly into the pool pump and when the sun is shining your pool pump will run. Your panels are not connected to the grid!

Unboxing a Solar Pool Pump

Here Jools from Handyman Homes is unboxing the solar pool pump and solar panels.

Benefits of installing a Solar Pool Pump

  • Your pool pump is not connected to the grid so you will never pay for grid electricity to power it.
  • The solar panels connected to the pump are not connected to the grid.
  • The panels can be mounted on a structure close to your pool – no need to take up valuable roof space.
  • The pool pump will run less in winter and more in summer – which synchronises well with swimming season. 
  • It saves you on electricity costs.
  • Solar pumps are usually efficient and low maintenance. For so little in the way of installation, upgrade, or service until a low hassle, low-cost solution is deployed regularly. 
  • Their life expectancy will double that of traditional pumps too

Installation of a Solar Pool Pump in Cape Town:

  • This system is installed in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town
  • To allow us to stay close to the pump, we have used a mast to place the panels
  • This adds to the efficiency of the system
  • It also gives us much more flexibility in how we can direct the sunlight onto the panels
  • Every installation varies.
  • It depends on the customer needs, the position of the swimming pool and the position of the property
  • The pump is a 48 Volt system on a DC Brushless technology
  • Its very quiet and very efficient and it has been working well
  • The panels are two 48 Volt panels wired in parallel
  • They are installed by our qualified electrician, meaning all the work is guaranteed
  • They also come with a 10 years manufactures guarantee
  • The mask and bracket were well engineered to withstand the strong winds that we experience in Cape Town
  • Very proud to offer to all our customers
  • Free electricity to run your pool
  • No more paying for power to clean your pool

This is a great option, with the cost of electricity increasing annually, this really is a money saver.

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