First Understand your Power Requirements

To evaluate your power requirements, it is very important that you, the customer know two things upfront. At Handyman Homes we have the expertise to guide you through this purchase and installation of a UPS for your home or office.

  1. The total load that you want to run on back up.
  2. The total number of hours for which back up is required.
emergency uninterrupted power supply at home - ups
Uninterrupted Power Supply at Home – UPS

Handyman Homes do a thorough and detailed assessment of your power needs. Then we assist, supply and install a UPS system suitable for your home, office or commercial property.

If you live in South Africa, load shedding has become a daily reality. In this blog post we simplify, de-bunk the myths and give you the facts when it comes to purchasing and installing a UPS.

Consulting with a qualified electrical expert will save you time and money. We deal only with preferred suppliers and have established trade networks with which we can negotiate the best deal for your home, office or commercial property.

UPS Guide to setting up uninterrupted power supply at the office
Uninterrupted Power Supply at Office – UPS: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

1. System Performance

The first step in determining which UPS product is best suited for your home is to conduct an in-depth analysis of a particular UPS system features, topology and power protection performance.

2. Runtime

We can calculate your runtime at Handyman Homes based on the UPS you are going to be using and what the load is.

3. Reliability

Basically means that the UPS supplies to the loads at a pre-determined voltage quality. With technology today we can achieve a very high degree of reliability.

4. Maintenance

Optimising energy efficiency, reducing utility bills, prevention of downtime, no emergency call outs for power failure, asset appreciation and future budget planning.

5. Total Cost of Ownership

Is a financial estimate intended to help buyers determine the direct and indirect costs of a UPS, product or system.

UPS Guide to setting up uninterrupted power supply at the office