Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, cooking in a cramped kitchen space is frustrating. Tiny kitchens can feel crowded due to lack of storage, and are difficult to keep tidy and organised as you prepare food. But don’t let a small cooking space cramp your style – we’ve rounded up the best kitchen design ideas for those on a budget to help you make more of those cluttered counter-tops.

Banish the knife block
Don’t waste valuable counter or drawer space on something as mundane as knife storage – instead make more of your kitchen wall space or splash-back with a magnetic knife strip. It looks great, and has the added bonus of keeping the blades sharper for longer. Available in hardwood to complement any traditional kitchen, or in stainless steel for a modern twist – you’ll be sure to find a version to suit.

Kitchen cart
Although this might seem like just another item to take up room in the kitchen at first, it’s actually a handy accessory you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. Not only does it add invaluable extra storage space but, depending on the size you choose, it can also double as extra table space when you’ve got people over for dinner. The top shelf gives you extra counter space for veg chopping, or could be the perfect place for your microwave to live.

Magnetic spice rack
Mismatched spice pots, jars and packets are one of the worst culprits for cluttering up your cupboard space – as well as looking pretty unsightly. Reclaim that shelf and show off your spice collection all in one go, and invest in a magnetic spice rack for your fridge door. And if you’re the DIY type, you can even make your own with tins or up-cycled baby-food jars.

Cupboard doors
Usually overlooked and under utilised, your kitchen cupboards are next on our list – and the options are endless. Use screw-in or stick-on hooks on the inside of the doors to hang things like measuring spoons or utensils, or hang a lightweight cork-board for pinning notes and recipes that you don’t want to lose. If you’re feeling especially creative, then break out the blackboard paint and use for handy cooking conversion guides, shopping lists or recipe ideas.

Rack ‘em up
The last thing you need in a tiny kitchen is an ugly dish rack taking up valuable space around the sink. Make more of empty space above counter-level, installing a built-in dish rack over the sink. If a minimalist, clutter-free kitchen is important to you then building cupboard doors in place around the elevated draining board means drying dishes won’t be an eyesore.

If you’re eager to explore the potential your kitchen has to offer, contact Handyman Homes today. We work closely with our clients to create the kitchen of their dreams – covering everything from kitchen design to fitting, and everything inbetween.