Renewable Energy Services

Hire a Professional to install Renewable Energy Solutions

Planning to go green at home but not sure where to start? Hire a home service pro to help install solar roof panels and more.

Handyman Homes is your complete solution for:

With the current load-shedding in South Africa, we have the following energy solutions by installing:

Most appliances are getting severely damaged with load-shedding.

We install for the following clients:

  • Residential
  • Corporate / Office
  • Restaurants

What do we do?

We inspect your property to find the best possible area that receives the most direct sunlight. We find the best solutions for you and install. We bring the know-how of installing your solar & energy solutions. That’s why we are so passionate about helping people setting up their energy solutions. With us, your panels will be installed securely and safely… perfect every time.

Avoid the Eskom blues: get a solar heating system

The prospect of power outages, coupled with alarming increases in Eskom’s electricity tariffs, have prompted more and more South Africans to invest in solar water geysers.

Investing in a solar water geyser in South Africa can have these benefits:

  • savings of roughly 25 percent on your monthly electricity bills
  • for a four-person household using a 200-litre solar heating system, a real savings of R5,000 or more per year
  • a system with a lifespan of 15 to 20 years; equal to that of an Eskom power station.
  • access to consumer-friendly financing options
  • a constant supply of hot water
  • a full return on investment (ROI) within three to five years
  • a better ROI than any other renewable energy generating or savings technology
  • a very low carbon footprint.

Are we reliable?

  • Our creative ideas from 30 years of experience ensure the best look, placement, design, and flow.
  • We arrive on time, are neat in appearance, and we work quickly and efficiently.
  • We arrive ready and prepared, with every type of fastener that may be needed for a safe and secure installation.
  • Besides the ability to hang or suspend anything, we take enormous pride in the precision and expertise of any installation we do. No Commission is too large or too small.
  • Years of experience with residential and commercial projects have gained us an unrivalled reputation in the industry.

Our Renewable Energy Goal?

Personal, professional, efficient and reliable, we believe in personal approach with all our clients. Our Goal is simple – We want to provide the optimal placement solution, secure and appropriate installation and the best energy solutions experience for our client, every time.

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