Pro Picture Hanging Services Cape Town

Hire a Professional to Hang Pictures

Handyman Homes is your complete solution for:

  • Hanging Art
  • Hanging Mirrors
  • Hanging Pictures
  • Hanging Curtains and Rods
  • Hanging Flat-screen TV’s

We install art for the following clients:

  • Residential
  • Corporate / Office
  • Gallery
  • Restaurants

What do we do?

We know that your art-work and pictures has resulted in a large investment. We understand that your art has a lot of value and meaning to you. We bring the know-how of installing your prized possessions with the keen eye artistic skill necessary. That’s why we are so passionate about making the best possible presentation of your important pieces. With us, your art will be installed securely and safely… picture perfect every time. We offer interior design services as well, so it goes hand in hand with the creative aspect of hanging your pictures.

What can we mount to?

We specialize in installations of complex groupings on stone, rock, brick, concrete, and on unreachable walls, no matter what your installation needs are.

Are we reliable?

  • Our creative ideas from 30 years of experience ensure the best look, placement, design, and flow.
  • We arrive on time, are neat in appearance, and we work quickly and efficiently.
  • We arrive ready and prepared, with every type of fastener that may be needed for a safe and secure installation.
  • Besides the ability to hang or suspend anything, we take enormous pride in the precision and expertise of any installation we do. No Commission is too large or too small.
  • Years of experience with residential and commercial projects have gained us an unrivalled reputation in the industry.

Our Picture Hanging Goal?

Personal, professional, efficient and reliable, we believe in personal approach with all our clients. Our Goal is simple – We want to provide the optimal placement solution, secure and appropriate installation and the best picture hanging experience for our client, every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Professional Picture Hanging?

Professional picture hanging means we are capable of hanging nearly every type of photopicture, mirror, antique, artwork, instrument, or special project. We also know how to arrange items of various sizes, shapes, and weights to create gallery walls in your home, office, or business

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Hang Artwork

A Professional Picture Hanging Service provider normally has a keen sense for what is pleasing to the eye. The benefit of that is they have the right equipment to safely hang your prized pictures, mirrors and other artworks.

What types of Items Does a Professional Picture Hanger Hang?

Photo, picture, mirror, antique, artwork, instrument, TV or special project.

How Long Does It Take to Hang Artwork?

It all depends on the project. But give or take half an hour per picture. Hanging pictures can be difficult due in part to finding the best location and height for display. Other factors include awkward shapes and sizes. We always come equipped with the materials needed to hang your project, but there are still details to consider such as weighing, measuring, and leveling. Some projects move along quickly while others may be more time-consuming.


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    Professional picture hanging services Cape Town
    Professional picture hanging services Cape Town
    Professional Picture Hanging Project
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    Pro Picture Hanging Bantry Bay
    Pro Picture Hanging Bantry Bay
    Pro Picture Hanging Bantry Bay
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