We’re passionate about creating beautiful spaces to live, work and play in. From concept through to completion, our interior designers work with you to create spaces that truly reflect your personal lifestyle, taste and character.

We offer interior design options to suit all budgets and individual needs – whether you’re looking for integrated, cohesive design for the whole home, or would like to focus on just one area in particular.

We take you step-by-step through the process to get the most from your space, allowing you to be as hands on or off as you choose. We can work closely with you to realise your vision, or we can offer more guidance as we take the creative lead if you prefer.

We offer full service interior design, taking a holistic approach to the project – meaning we deliver beautiful design from start to finish, without any stress or hassle for you.

So, what does full service interior design include?

  • Initial consultation
  • Site assessment
  • Concept design
  • Space plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Specifications
  • Bids & permits
  • Pricing & ordering
  • Time management & tracking
  • Project managing
  • Construction & interior decorating
  • Final staging

We also offer each of these elements as stand alone services. If it’s simply a design consultation, a lighting plan or a project manager that you need from your interior designers, Cape Town’s Handyman Homes is well placed to help.

Our design services are affordable, and won’t break the bank. No matter what your budget, we have a design solution to suit.

We believe that stunning interiors are not a luxury, but a necessity. Our aim is to make your living or working environment a joy to spend time in – whatever that means for you. We often consult with clients on stylish, practical storage solutions, changing the layout of a room, choosing furniture or interior decorating options.

We cover all rooms of the house including the kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping spaces, kids rooms and play-areas as well as outside space and gardens. We also offer a unique approach to office design.

So, get in touch today online, or call 071 319 2831 to speak with a qualified, experienced interior designer about your home or office.

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