At Handyman Homes we love making your home feel like home. It is our passion to transform a house or building from ordinary to spectacular. We enjoy creatively convert old buildings and our professional approach to each project, ensures surprisingly short construction programmes but at the same time controlling quality and cost.

We have experience in a vast range of building alteration and renovation projects in Cape Town. Our project experience ranges from kitchen and bathroom alterations to full house alterations and renovations.

We are experts in giving Handyman alteration advice.  
Our skilled team are equipped with the knowledge and the necessary experts, technicians, tradesmen and craftsmen to tackle any Home or office renovation in Cape Town.

Our work is guaranteed and we provide a high quality service at an affordable cost.

After the necessary approval process and permissions have been obtained our Team will work together with you in assessing which areas of your home will be impacted and how long the renovation or alteration will take – we will then develop a “project action plan”.

We will advise you on where to find the best suppliers for tiles, sanitary-ware, fittings, fixtures, paint etc to suit your particular budget range. Our staff will advise you on the type of materials that you could select from to best suit your particular Cape home renovation or alteration.

 Once a plan of action has been agreed upon, we will begin your Handyman Homes renovation by stripping the property back to its bare bones and restore it back with a new life, with high quality workmanship, with the least amount of disruption as possible.

We are fully qualified and experienced in managing and completing all areas of any alteration or renovation, thus saving you time and unnecessary expense in searching for additional contractors.

Should your Cape Town Home renovation require the services of a structural engineer, we will be happy to recommend our trusted structural engineers, or are comfortable to work with your preferred service providers.

We pay careful attention to the smallest of detail and keep in constant communication with you the owner, to actively bring to life the ideas and requirements of your Cape home renovation or alteration. If we are unsure of your exact requirements, we will always confirm even the smallest of detail with you before proceeding with the tasks.

Customising your Ideas:
 Very often customers come up with a better idea that the one that they originally had. No problem, should you want to change your mind mind stream about a colour, style or design – we are always happy to discuss this with you and to assist with your new ideas, for lasting quality and aesthetic results.

Quality Control:
We are uncompromising when it comes to quality control. Every task of every project is supervised and quality checked before moving onto the next stage of the Cape home renovation process. We believe that by applying this process, we deliver faster and better quality results at the lowest possible cost.

Renovation and Alteration Process:

Council Submission:

Before you start carrying out alterations or renovations to your home or building , you are required by *law, to have the plans for such work passed in terms of the Cape Town National Building Regulations by your local authority.

The Cape council’s Planning and Building Development Management Branch receives and processed thousands of applications each year. In order to ensure a smooth and quick process and a quick-turn around time of your application, it is important that your form includes all of the official requirements and supporting information as errors and omissions just slow your process down.

Sometimes, if your documentation is not submitted with the correct supporting information, this could lead to your application being denied.

For further information you can obtain the submission entry forms and further details by clicking here: City of Cape Town Building Plan Approval

What are the consequences of building without approved plans?

 A building inspector may serve an order to stop any illegal building work immediately, which if ignored may lead to a fine or even further prosecution and a court order to demolish the structures concerned.

Disclaimer Notice:

*Handyman Homes will not be held liable or responsible in any way whatsoever, for any building plan approval.
Handyman Homes will not request documentation from you proving that you have obtained the necessary council permission.
Handyman Homes take it under good faith and understanding that you have obtained approval for your building alteration or renovation.

alteration & Renovation Project Mowbray - Before 2

Renovation Project Mowbray - Before 9
Renovation Project Mowbray - Before 6

Renovation Project Mowbray - Before 1

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