How much will it Cost to Install Solar Panels in South Africa

How much will it Cost to Install Solar Panels in South Africa

What size solar panel do I need?

There are numerous sizes of solar panels available. However, due to solar panel manufacturers producing larger panels, it would be best to buy 450W panels and up.

Solar Panel Illustration boy and girl riding bikeHow many solar panels do I need?

The average household uses between six and fourteen 455W solar panels and up to around twenty-three panels for bigger homes. But, it depends on the space you have available, your electricity usage and the parameters of your inverter.

How to calculate solar system size?

Find your average monthly usage in kW, divide that by 30 (days in the month) then divide that number by 5.5 (average peak sun hours per day in South Africa). This will give you the size of the array that you’ll need. Then you take your array size and divide that by the watt rating of a panel like a 455W panel to find out how many solar panels you’ll need.


  • 900kWh average monthly usage / 30 days = 30kWh daily usage
  • 30kWh / 5.5 average maximum production hours = 5454.54kWh array size needed
  • 5454.54kWh / 455W solar panel rating = 11.988 solar panels needed so round it up to 12.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar Panels can last 20 years and sometimes even up to 30 years. Ensuring that your system is in good health, you should see your solar equipment running smoothly well into the future.

How many panels in a 5kw solar system?

The number of panels you will need within a 5kW system is entirely dependent on the parameters of the inverter. You will first need to check what the maximum PV array input is and secondly, check the voltage ranges of the inverter. You do not want to exceed either of those 2 parameters.

Which direction should solar panels face in South Africa?

Your solar panels should be in the sun all day to be able to produce solar power. So north-facing is best in South Africa. However, if your roof is not north-facing, you can still produce solar power by installing two arrays, one on the east and one on the west-facing roof. That way your east-facing array will produce solar power in the morning and your west-facing roof will produce solar power in the afternoon. To do this, you will need a high voltage inverter with 2 MPPTs or 1 MPPT with a combiner box.

Solar Energy

How Much Money Will a 5kw Solar System Save You Every Year?

For your typical residential home in Cape Town, electricity costs are 330c/kWh. We estimated earlier that your 5kW solar system would save you 6,000-8,000 kWh per year.

Multiplying the electricity cost with the energy saved shows that your investment cuts your annual electricity bill by R19,800 to R26,400.

This means you get a return on your investments after four (4) to six (6) years. With manufacturers issuing warranties that last up to 25 years, you are likely to begin saving money beyond your sixth year of ownership.

Grid Tie Solar System Components

How Much Does a 5kw Solar System Cost in South Africa?

Okay, let’s do a quick recap: 5kW solar system. 20 polycrystalline panels. 45 m2 roof space. 6,000-8,000 kWh electric energy saved per year. Now, how much is this going to cost?

According to our research, a 4kW to 5kW system is going to cost you around R70,000-R140,000. We do not recommend that you do this independently. This is a big project, and plenty is at stake, especially your safety. However, we will give you an idea of how much the main components cost so you can negotiate with your supplier or contractor.

Gustav Cruz from ClimateBiz.

Description Price Range per Unit (R) Quantity Total Cost Pre-tax (R)
Inverter 5kVA 10k to 30k 1 10k-30k
PV Panel 250w to 350w 1200 to 2000 14 to 20 24k-35k
Other Electric Components 10k-20k 1 10k-20k
Roof Mount Kit 200-1000 14 to 20 2800-20k
Electrical Works and Installation 10k-18k 1 10k-18k
Certification 1000-5000 1 1000-5000
TOTAL R58k-R128k

Table: Estimated Cost per Category

The size of a house, as well as electricity consumption, would direct what size system to install:

Electricity expenditure in rands per month System size Approximate cost, including VAT
Below R1 300 2kW R63 000
Between R1 300 and R2 200 3kW R74 000
Between R2 200 and R5 000 5kW R110 000
Over R5 000 10kW R188 000

Table: Estimated Cost per electricity expenditure – Property 24

Solar Panel Prices

Solar Panel prices depend on brand and size.

Prices range between around R2500 for a 345W Monocrystalline Solar Panel and R4500 for a 540W Monocrystalline Solar Panel.

Solar Panel Installation Price
Solar panel installation costs vary from installer to installer.

However, you will usually pay a base cost for a Solar Power Kit installation which will include the hanging and wiring of your inverter and battery and the connection to your distribution board.

Then will be a per panel installation price.
If you need to install 12 solar panels, your installation cost will be higher than that of someone who only needs 6.
For a 6 panel installation, you can expect to pay upwards of R12,000.

Where to start

It is important to take on the services of a reputable installer that uses top-quality equipment. A sales representative visits your house to assess requirements and then provides a quote. The larger the house, the more the lighting and appliances, the bigger the system.

Contact our team on info@handymanhomes.co.za or 071 319 2831 for more information.

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  1. Patrick Malesela Motloutsi says:

    I want a solar which can light Tv, fridge, Hot plate

    Its how much?

  2. Liesel says:

    Could I have a quote for electricity & installation only.

  3. Poobalan naidoo says:

    Good morning,I am residing in JHB, Randburg, will appreciate it I can get a quote for solor, supply and fit 8 panelling system

  4. Sikhumbuzo Yoko says:

    I spend about R1 000.00 a Month on electricity on my three bedroomed house. Please confirm the Estimated cost for Solar System.

  5. Sidney Pelser says:

    Please provide us with a quotation for a 1200 kva solar plant, this unit will be used for a food processing factory


  6. Stokes says:

    Good day,
    We need a quote, it’s manufacturing plant with KVA 850, how much panel this would require

  7. Thobani says:

    Good day
    I would like to set up an appointment to come to my house and do the quote for me to install the inverter or the whole solar system including panels will cost me how much. Another thing is next year, I will be starting building 4 cottage apartments month end of February and I will also want to install solar system.

  8. Iten Adolf says:

    hi i would like a quot solar off the grid. randburg/johannesburg/gauteng. haus 250 m2 3x bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom lounge,diningroom u and kitchen /scullery. i have a solargyser 250lt and cook with gas. no aircontitioner ,no elektric heaters. 1x TV, 1x Computerstation,1x backoven,1xfridge,1x freezer, 1x dishwasher, 1x washingmashien , 1x tumbeldryer, 1x microwave , soundsystem ,1.1kw poolpump , 18x ligths inside, 5x outside ligths , garage 2x ligths + 1x plug. 2x swing gate motors Hansa , please in need an estamet quot. randburg/gauteng. regards adolf Iten Company ; emmrA

  9. Pius Tanga says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a student house with 6 single rooms using a big fridge with a cooker, 8 bachelor flats, each with a fridge, stove and kettle. The house is in Bloemfontein. I have one big geyser and one small one. How much will it cost me for solar panel installation to service these students?

    NB: After installation, do i need to leave the Centlec or i need to still connect to the grid?

    • saeed says:

      Hi There,

      I would love to provide you with an affordable quote, could you please contact me on 0692775383 ?

  10. Megan says:

    45kw monthly usage – 2/3w. Need grid tied solar installation. Midrand

    • saeed says:

      Hi There,

      I would love to provide you with an affordable quote, could you please contact me on 0692775383 ?

  11. Quinten says:

    Awesome article thank you. Pity you only work in WC.

  12. craig Pretorius says:

    I see that you have no batteries quoted on your system this is the biggest cost ?

    i do installations in Durban if anybody is interested . Fully qualified


  13. Trevor says:

    Hi, I live in Montana, Pretoria. I am looking at installing an off-grid solar electricity solution for my home. My monthly electrical usage is 650kWh, would appreciate your assist with a quotation or recommend someone that I can utilise in Pretoria

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  15. DAVID says:

    Good day
    Please help me with the following quote 3Kw and 5kw
    Full equipment please

    • saeed says:

      Hi have you been helped ?

  16. Mujaahid says:

    Hi I need 3000 kw running daily what solar system criteria would I need for this amount to run

  17. Vivesh Singh says:

    I am looking to go off grid

  18. TJ says:

    I spent close to R3000 or more in my house. I have a borehole that uses pressure pump, so every drop is costly. My gate uses motor to open and close , including garage doors. I have electricity fence as well. I definitely want to break away from Eskom.

  19. Maya says:

    Hi do you have a branch in johannesburg

  20. Robin Hayes says:

    I have received quotes for an inverter system 5kW with 2 x 5.5kWh lithium batteries of around R65 000. If I decided on solar panels from your example I would only need 2 panels – my monthly consumption is only 300kWh.
    My concern is the time it would take to recharge the batteries after a load-shedding incident of up to 4.6h.
    Your opinion, please.

  21. Jaco Fourie says:

    Please contact me. I’m starting from scratch on a property that is not connected to Eskom / Municipality yet, and prefer to go off grid from the start. Melkbosstrand area

  22. Mafa says:

    How many panels of which capacity do I need to power a 4000 W irrigation solar pump with max 375 V?

  23. Brian says:

    Rough quote for Kuilsriver, 22Kw/day average consumption. Roof pitch is East/West. Grid tied? Kind regards.

  24. Mduduzi Sibande says:

    Hi. My mame is Mduduzi Sibande resides in Mpumalanga province have a 180 square meters 3bedroom house need to know about the installation estimate costs.

  25. Adam Mmashakane says:

    Hi, i just calculated my solar energy estimation it’s a 3 bedroomed house, we spend 450kw per month worth R1000. My calculations says we need about 2 to 2.5 kw system. How much may that cost? All equipment and installation costs

  26. John says:

    Please let me have the approximate price for a complete off-grid solar system, plus installation for a small 2 bedroom house in Bathurst, Eastern Cape.

    • Handyman Jools says:

      Hi John, we don’t cover your area, wc only
      But I’d work on a budget of R100k to R120k per 15kw.

  27. Andrew matsila says:

    Hello I’m Andrew matsila from mokopane moshate mogalakwena municipality Limpopo province I’m looking for solar panels in my house

    • Handyman Jools says:

      Thanks for your inquiry
      Unfortunately we only cover the western cape at this time

  28. saxio says:

    hi my name is saxio ndou i just want to find out about this solar thing do you do per month service when it come to payment when you have install in it

  29. Linda says:

    Hi there. Do you guys work in KZN? I’m in a hillcrest KZN and would like a quote please:

    • CSR Contruction says:

      Hey Linda we will gladly come out to you. We are based in pietermaritzburg. Please contact Romell on 081 315 7778

        • Alson says:

          Can you Prem a person from Moloto Mpumalanga, Thembisile Hank Municipality?

      • Selome van Deventer says:

        I want to enquire about a basic system startup price and what the costs would be. My average electricity bill per month is R800. I occasionally make use of my tumbke dryer in the winter and an aircon in the summer.

    • Handyman Jools says:

      Only western cape at this stage

      • Lumka says:

        Hi my name is Lumka from Fortbeaufort in Eastern Cape I do need this ,will you assist me with a information and a quote plz

    • Handyman Jools says:

      We only cover the western cape at this stage.

  30. Richard Catlett says:

    My account is between 4-5 thousand rand a month

    • Handyman Jools says:

      Your looking at around 45kwh per day usage at that price, there are lots of variables.

      Estimated cost
      R300,000 system will reduce your bill by 90%

      If you’d like a consultant to contact you, let me know.

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